Steven Berry


All of my public projects are hosted on GitHub. If you find any of my projects useful I'd be happy to hear from you! If you need a feature added and want to contribute, I'd also love to work with you to get it done.

If my contribution graph looks a little slim it's because I squash all my development commits and am often busy with non-GitHub code. Don't worry, I'm still paying attention to GitHub issues and feedback, I just don't care about arbitrary metrics and gamification!

Here's a couple of my most recently maintained projects:


When you want to run multiple ExpressJS applications simultaneously, there isn't a great established paradigm. Using express-multifurcator to instantiate ExpressJS applications makes hostname and subdomain routing, HTTPS redirection, and port sharing extremely straightforward.


PDM is an evolution of process management in NodeJS. There are several great solutions available such as pm2 and nodemon. However there are specific shortcomings with each that I've encountered in my work and personal projects that I've sought to overcome. PDM is a work in progress and is not recommended for production use.


Use more tightly organized and expressive code for handling requests with ExpressJS. The built-in HTTP verb handling is a serviceable paradigm, but OPTIONS responses need to be manually specified, unsupported methods return 404s (instead of 405s), and documenting individual verbs is a hassle.


I'm currently the co-founder and CTO of BitScoop and I'm actively working to make API and microservice integration less of a chore.

I also recently started NodeBelt, but it's not so much a company as it is a way for me to organize and stand behind my independent projects (moving them away from my personal website).


BitScoop is a platform that drastically simplifies API and microservice integration. When you're dealing with lots of web services it's easy to get stuck with numerous SDKs and a brittle codebase. BitScoop features data interface normalization, ETL, caching and network optimization, outbound API call metrics, and a lot more goodies to get you back to developing awesome product features.


NodeBelt is a container organization for my personal projects. Most of my effort goes into developing libraries for NodeJS often concerning web application development. The general theme of the organization is to house high-quality libraries related to the 12-factor app development paradigm.


If you're looking to get in touch with me directly you can hit me up at I'll do my best to get back to you as soon as I can, but I'm often tied up. If I've taken too long your message might have been buried by spam, so please feel free to resend it (and I'm sorry).

If you're looking for support for one of my libraries or projects, it would be much better to go through the appropriate GitHub issues page. You may have a question that other people will have!